​When it comes to choosing the right technique for your hair transplant procedure, there are a number of things to consider. Firstly, the size of the area that is being transplanted will determine which technique will work best for your requirements. Secondly, the results that you are looking for can be influenced by the technique that is used to perform the procedure. While FUE hair transplants remain one of the most popular techniques, Direct Hair Implantation is becoming a more popular choice for many patients. Here, we’re taking a closer look at what Direct Hair Implantation and The Choi Implanter Pen actually are.

What Is A Direct Pen Implantation?
Direct Pen Implantation (DPI) is one of the most advanced hair transplant techniques of them all, despite sounding like a simple procedure. While the FUT hair transplant technique extracts grafts in a strip or harvest a number of follicles at the same time, DPI extracts and implants hair follicles one by one, similar to the FUE technique.

The Benefits Of Direct Pen Implantation
There are a number of benefits to DPI procedures, including the fact that they offer a higher level of viability of the hair follicle, reducing the time left out of the scalp and therefore reducing the risk of the hair follicle being damaged or dying in the process. DPI also offers full and complete control of the angle, direction and depth in which the individual hair follicle is being implanted, in order to ensure that the end result looks as natural as possible at all times. Once the hair follicle has been removed from the donor area, the follicle can then be stored in a solution to ensure that development is enhanced or can be implanted directly back into the thinning area almost as soon as the follicle has been harvested.

What Is The Choi Implanter Pen?
The Choi Implanter Pen is the tool which is used to implant the hair follicle back into the scalp once it has been removed from the donor area.  The Choi Implanter Pen provides a very precise outcome and can also improve the survival rate of the hair follicle once it has been removed by reducing the amount of times the hair follicle is touched.

Due to the precision of the Choi Implanter Pen, the patient can benefit from reduced trauma to the scalp, meaning scarring is minimised as the follicles are implanted one by one instead of in bulk. This technique also promotes faster healing times. Due to the small nature of the pen, a number of hair follicles can be implanted at the same time by a number of different surgeons in order to speed up this typically slow process, and hair follicles can also be extracted and implanted at the same time.