Acne Treatment Malaysia - Get Rid of Acne Through Laser or Microneedling

The red swollen breakouts are known as pimples or acne when it appears on your face, neck, back and results in skin blemishes.
Some of the primary causes include poor hygiene or diet, medication reactions, stress, hormonal imbalances etc.
Fortunately, our acne treatment in Malaysia has various solutions that includes natural therapies, while aquasilk, laser & microneedling are the recommended option for prompt acne removal strategy.

Acne Removal Treatments in Malaysia – Natural Therapy

Laser treatments as effective light therapy treatments that give you a long-term relief from acne.  Both laser and microneedling would result in eliminating the predictable skin blemishes and pimple.

PRP Treatment Reviews

I'm glad I went to Dr. Thina when I did for my onset of severe acne since mid 2018. I have no one but Dr. Thina to thank as she helped me through several months of procedures and advised me on the best skincare routines for my troubled skin. Today was our last session. I've made tremendous progress. No more active breakouts. My acne has now cleared and my skin is looking more and more radiant by the day. Big thanks to Dr. Thina's expertise and skills.

- Amy Stalina 

Quick answers to questions you may have

Can acne scars be healed?

Yes. Recent developments in laser treatment means that even severe acne scarring doesn’t have to be permanent. At Peters Radiant, we have one of the best acne scar removal products in Malaysia.

Can acne recur after laser treatments?

This depends on how well you follow your guidelines for post-treatment. It’s important to devise a plan that will prevent acne in the future.

How long is the recovery time for laser treatment?

This will depend on what type of laser treatment you have, as well as the scar type. Recovery can last from a couple of days to weeks with scarring that is severe.

Is laser treatment painful?

There is very little with this treatment, which may feel like a mild stinging.

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