Everything You Need to Know About Pigmentation Treatment in Malaysia

Having skin pigmentation issues can be a massive blow to one’s overall self-esteem and confidence. These problems often end up playing a vital role in how we portray our personality.  With the advancing technology and the progress we have witnessed in the medical sciences, there are now effective skin pigmentation treatments in Malaysia.

What Is The Main Cause of Pigmentation?

Before we jump into the main causes, it is necessary for common knowledge to know that our body produces the pigment melanin.
When the levels of secretion surpass unprecedented levels that is when you will witness those dark patches all over your skin.
The melanocytes in our skin, which helps in the secretion of melanin in the body sometimes end up malfunctioning and thus end up producing more melanin than required which ends up causing excess pigmentation on our skin. Apart from that, there are some medical conditions that could be considered as possible reasons behind hyper-pigmentation. 
These include:

  • Melasma
  • Post- Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation
  • Sun Damage Or Sunspots

The Process of Pigmentation Treatment in Malaysia

This issue can root from a number of the underlying reasons and it depends on the condition for each person. However, with the modern methods around, it is now possible to get rid of them.
Primarily, there are several options of pigmentation treatment in Malaysia and while we often tend to start off with the primary topical medications, the same can extend to other forms of treatment for long-term permanent results.


Quick answers to questions you may have

Is Laser Treatment Safe For The Skin?

This is quite a frequently asked question that many people often encounter. If you are one of them who are intrigued, it is best to know that laser is indeed safe and doesn’t have any negative implications on the skin

What Is The Laser Pigmentation Removal Cost in Malaysia?

With the kind of advancement in the procedures, the rates are competitive,  but the results are equally as rewarding,  so even if you pay a little more, you won’t be disappointed with the end result.
Pigmentation can impose a lot of issues in the long run and increase skin sensitivity to the sun. If you want to avoid this, book a consultation with Dr Thina for her assess your current condition.

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