V-shape Face Treatment

    With the consistent advancement of technology on the medical field, the growth of the medical procedures such as V-shape face treatment have improved tremendously.

    People can now transform themselves by undergoing V-shape face treatment to get the face shape contoured and chiseled.

    What Is The V-shape Face Treatment?

    Before we jump into discussing the process of treatment, let us shed some light on what a “V-shape face” is.

    Technically, a V-shaped faced is basically a slim and oval face with tapered jaws which makes the face resemble the shape of the letter V. It is currently a topic of raging importance in the entertainment industry. Majority of the people, especially women, are opting for this treatment to tone down their face and make themselves look younger.

    V-shape face treatment is a form of cosmetic surgery treatment which includes the ultrasonic shear waves accompanied with the UniPolar radio frequency to aid in the reduction of the fats from around the face in order to contour the shape of the face and make it appear slim and tapered.

    The targeted shear waves that are projected on the fat cells in the face is completely absorbed by the fat cells, and thus reduces the risks of damage to the adjoining tissues and cells in the close proximity.

     This is a needle-free process and is done using suitable equipment under the guidance of our doctor.

    Benefits of V-shape Face Treatment

    Here are a couple of benefits:


    The treatment essentially cuts down the excess deposited fat around the face that has been making the face look chubbier and helps contour down the cheekbones along with the jaw to give it a more of a sleek and slimmer look.


     The main benefit of this treatment is the fact that it gives you a youthful and healthy look. The chiseled face along with the slimmer appearance helps reduce the natural aging process.

    FAQs about V-shape Face Treatment

    How long does it take for the results to show?

    As this is an extensive process, you won’t see the difference right off the bat. You will be able to witness the noticeable changes within a week or so after the first session.

    How many sessions does it require?

    For the most part, it takes around 4-6 sessions to achieve the complete V look that every person seeks from the treatment.

    Is there any kind of side effects?

     While the treatment is completely safe, you could observe possible side effects such as mild bruising and swelling. These will go off naturally after a couple of days.

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