Hair Growth / Hair Loss Treatment in Malaysia

It’s normal for people to lose between 50 to 100 hairs per day as hair follicles shed. While this isn’t something to worry about, there are conditions that can cause hair loss and baldness.
There are some types of hair loss that is permanent, such as male and female pattern baldness, which tends to run in the family. Other issues that can cause hair loss are stress, iron deficiency, illness, weight loss, and cancer. It can be distressing to lose hair, but there are hair growth and hair loss treatments available for both men and women, and for any age.

Our Hair Loss Treatment Methods and Results

Hair loss treatment is a 3 step hair loss treatment that uses injections of your own blood into the scalp.
These injections work by triggering natural hair growth in affected areas.
It also helps to increase the supply of blood to the hair follicles, while increasing the hair shafts thickness.  This is a procedure that can be used in tandem to other hair loss medications and treatments.


Quick answers to questions you may have

How many treatments are needed?

In most cases you will initially need 3 treatments, with maintenance treatments being done every 4 to 6 months.  This can vary however if you have medical issues, such as alopecia.

What is the recovery time / downtime?

There is no recovery time or activity restrictions, so you can get back your day to day routines right away.

Can certain hairstyles cause hair loss?

Hairstyles that are tight, such as braiding, extensions, and high ponytails can place excess tension on your scalp, which can cause a condition known as alopecia, that results in hair loss.

Is there a difference between male pattern hair loss and female pattern loss?

While both have similarities, the patterns are very different. With female pattern baldness, the hair is usually lost along the top of the scalp with a sparse line of hair at the forehead, where men tend to lose hair from the forehead back.

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