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    Tired of regular shaving? ?‍♀️ ?‍♀️

    Let us help you ease that burden! We provide laser hair removal that is suitable and safe for all skin type. 

    With the advancing technology, people are adhering to more new types of hair removal solution.

    There has been an amazing rise in the types of treatment concerning the hair removal in Selangor and KL, especially on the lips, hands and legs.

    Any form of unwanted hair growth is disliked by people, which have become the base ground for the popularity for our laser hair removal technique.

    Laser hair removal provides men and women with long-lasting benefits of getting rid of the excess hair from the body and also helps prevent the same from recurring which is the common problem with the other hair removal techniques.

    How Permanent Is Laser Hair Removal?

    As you will need few sessions for hair removal, everyone wants something that’s permanent.

    The laser projected on the skin would clog the hair follicles and shrinks them in size, making this a permanent removal.

    As the laser hair removal therapy ends up removing the follicle and the cells in the area, the process is more or less permanent and sticks around for a long period of time.

    The Process of Laser Hair Removal in Selangor Clinic

    The process is extensive and it is important to ensure that it is done by qualified personnel.

    Here’s how it works at Peters Radiant Clinic - A concentrated beam of light is projected on the hair follicles, which make the pigments in the hair follicles engage the light that in turn ends up impacting the hair and thus destroys the hair.

    The removal is done with precision to ensure that the light beam is not imposed on any of the other healthy skin cells where it is not required.

    Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal is considered as one of the most common methods of hair removal on the face or even on the other parts of the body.

    Some of the common benefits of laser hair removal include:

    • Permanent or semi-permanent removal of the unwanted hair (depending on number of sessions)
    • Specificity and precision in the area that it’s projected to
    • Painless process
    • Safe and effective for men and women

    Common FAQs About Laser Hair Removal  

    • What are the stages of preparation when it comes to laser hair removal?

    A - While there is nothing extensive that needs to be done with the process, some of the common grounds is to ensure that you limit any kind of plucking, waxing or even other forms of treatment for the maximum effects.

    • Is it expensive?

    A - This is one of the most asked questions, but because of the growing technology, even the prices of the treatment are gradually going down (good news). 

    The process of laser hair removal is quick and effective. Pick a reliable and qualified clinic that can provide with the most optimal results.

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