Acne Treatment Malaysia

Clear and flawless acne free skin is something that everybody desires and quite rightfully so!

After all, we live in a day and age where everyone wants to be ‘selfie-ready’ all the time and looks beautiful in the picture

The reasons for acne are many, ranging from hereditary causes, stress, anxiety, hormones, humidity as well as excessive use of oil-based products on the skin. However, the good news is, with the right skin care treatment, acne can be brought under control and even be removed permanently.

In this article, we will discuss what causes acne and how to treat acne effectively.

What Causes Acne?

Pimples are caused when follicles get blocked and there is oil build-up under the skin. This oil that builds up can be due to the skin producing excessive sebum or due to external application of heavy products on the skin.

Apart from excessive oil, hormonal factors contribute to acne as well, since a rise in hormones increases the level of sebum.

The Peters Radiant Solution to Treat Acne

At Peters Radiant, we understand that every individual is different and the reason for their acne can be different.

Hence, we have developed the Peter Radiant Acne Clear System which not only helps in treating acne but also is useful in controlling the same in the future. Our modern acne treatment starts with the doctor examining your skin as well as health, to conclude what course of treatment you need.

Based on this, a suitable treatment is recommended which can be a combination of advanced peels, medications, and services. This is also followed by a suitable diet, along with a list of do’s and don’ts that keep acne at bay in the longer run.

So get ready to say goodbye to acne and book an appointment at Peters Radiant Clinic in Shah Alam today.

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