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Causes of Men Hair Loss

There are some types of hair loss that is permanent, such as male pattern baldness, which tends to run in the family. Other causes of hair loss includes stress, diet, and poor hair hygiene.

While it can be distressing to lose hair, the good news is there are hair growth and hair loss treatments available for men of any age. It’s not too late to regrow the hair.


Certified LCP Doctor

The treatment is handled personally by Dr Thina to restore hair growth naturally and safely.


Multiple Hair Treatment Options

We have both non-surgical and surgical treatment for hair loss. For non-surgical, we provide 3 types of treatment options, depending on the current hair condition.


Great Feedback After Treatment

Over the years we have treated many men with hair loss ranging from mild to severe and we have gotten positive feedbacks. Most importantly, treatments are done safely and without side effects. Refer to some of the testimonials shared below.


Testimonials on Hair Growth Treatment

Our Doctor

Dr. Thina Peter, founder and consultant Aesthetic Physician specialise in hair restoration and regrowth, facial enhancement procedures that include injectables, lifting procedures, laser and non-laser treatments.

Dr. Thina Peter has an artistic eye for natural beauty and coupled with her passion for the cosmetic medical industry, she is highly motivated and keeps herself updated with the latest and advanced treatment and procedures?

Credentials and Experience :
✅ Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery(MBBS) from Melaka Manipal Medical College Karnataka, India
✅ Served as a medical officer in both public and private health organisations
✅ Postgraduate Degree (Master in Science) in Healthy Aging, Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetic Medicine at UCSI Malaysia.

✅ Postgraduate certificate Hair Transplant Training in India by Indian Society for Hair Restoration (ISHR). This course covers hair restoration procedures, with Dr Thina being highly recommended for her success in hair restoration by her clients.
✅ Certified LCP holder Letter of Credentialing & Privileging of Aesthetic Medical Practices approved by the Main Credentialing & Privileging Committee of Aesthetic Medical Practice Malaysia under Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM)

Awards/Recognition to Peters Radiant Clinic :

✅ In 2019, we are also the winner for the Golden Globe Tigers Award, beating out hundreds of competitors for this special award.

✅ We are also listed by Trusted Malaysia and 24Local for aesthetic clinic feature and best acne scar treatment in Malaysia.

✅ With the amount of quality aesthetic clinics around, Peters Radiant Clinic are honoured to have won the prestigious 2020 APAC Insider South-East Asia Business Awards for the category of Best Modern Aesthetic Treatments Clinic in Selangor.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How many treatments are needed?

A. In most cases you will initially need 3 treatments, with maintenance treatments being done every 4 to 6 months.  This can vary however if you have medical issues, such as alopecia.

Q. Am I suitable for this hair treatment?

A. Hair treatment will be the suitable option to stimulate hair growth for men who are experiencing hair thinning, excess bald patches, receding hairline, or notice frequent hair loss on your pillow in the morning.

Q. When Can I Expect to See Results?

A. It depends on your current state of hair loss. For most men, they would notice visible results in hair fall reduction even after the first session.

Q. What is the recovery time / downtime?

A. There is no recovery time or activity restrictions, so you can get back your day to day routines right away.

Q. Can certain hairstyles cause hair loss?

A. Hairstyles that are tight, such as braiding, extensions, and high ponytails can place excess tension on your scalp, which can cause a condition known as alopecia, that results in hair loss.


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**Our Special Gift : The FIRST 50 Men who come in for a hair consultation this month will also receive a FREE hair growth supplement worth RM180.