Dermal Fillers 

    It's no secret that our skin loses its elasticity as our bodies age. Other factors can also cause premature aging, such as over exposure to the sun's harmful rays, lifestyle, and pollution.

    There are options that can help bring back that youthful look. One such option is dermal fillers, which work faster than creams and are less invasive than having surgery.

    What Are Dermal Fillers?  

    A dermal filler is an injection that is used to fill out creases and wrinkles in the skin, boosting the supply of chronically acid, a naturally occurring sugar molecule, to revitalize the skin and give it more volume.

    This helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as increasing definition and volume to cheeks and lips.

    The variety of materials can be used as a filler and, depending on the filler type, the effects can be temporary or permanent.

    Collagen fillers will hold their effect from three to four months, hyaluronic acid will last between four to six months, and calcium hydroxylapatite can last for up to eighteen months.

    There are also poly-L-lactic acid injections (know as PLLA), which, when given over several months can last for up to two years. Lastly, there are polymethylmethacrylate beads (know as PMMA), which is a permanent filler but does come with some risks.

    Dermal fillers can be used on the face, neck, hands, chin, and corners of the mouth.

    The Process of A Dermal Filler Treatment 

    A dermal filler treatment involves having one of the above mentioned solutions injected under the skin using a fine needle.

    This will plump up and fill in lines, sunken areas, and grooves to help enhance your facial features.

    Before the injection process is started, you may be offered an injection or local anesthetic cream to numb the area. A series of small injections of the filler is then made to the area being treated. A dermal filler treatment can last between 30 minutes to an hour.

     After a dermal filler treatment the area may be a bit swollen, red and tender for 24 hours. It is usually advised that you avoid the sun, alcohol, coffee, and any hot drinks.

    Benefits of Dermal Fillers  

    Dermal fillers offer a number of benefits. They are much quicker than using anti-aging creams, which can take several months to show improvements, where dermal filler results can be seen right away.

    It's also a faster option than surgery, taking less than an hour for treatments, and much less invasive. Surgery requires four to six weeks of recovery time, where dermal fillers only need 24 hours.

    Dermal fillers can be long lasting but not permanent, which is a good option for those who don't want to commit to permanent surgery, but want to gain a youthful look.

    The effects of dermal fillers is also natural looking. It doesn't alter your facial expression and it targets specific areas over time as your face naturally changes with time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Will a dermal filler treatment dramatically change the way I look?

    A. No, because practitioners use the contours of the face as a guideline, so your usual facial expressions remain intact.

    Q. Are dermal filler safe?

    A. Yes they are safe when they are correctly administered by a medical practitioner. Only a highly qualified nurse or doctor should be administering these treatments and follow industry regulations.

    Q. Do dermal filler treatments hurt?

    A. Dermal filler treatments require no incisions, cuts or stitches. You may feel some slight discomfort or pain, which most clients describe as a small scratch when the needle is inserted, followed by a slight stinging sensation as the filler is injected. However, a local anesthetic can be used to numb the area if requested.

    Q. How long does a dermal filler treatment last?

     A. You will see results right away and these can last for up to twelve months, depending on the type of filler used.

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