What are that Foods for Glowing Skin?

Apart from external skin care routines, we can adopt some dietary changes that include antioxidant-rich food to nurture your skin from the inside.

Amongst the food items that can contribute towards a diet for glowing skin, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and water consumption play a big role.

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals that can be directly absorbed into the bloodstream when consumed in the form of fresh juices that also hydrate us.

Food items such as Peaches, Papaya, Carrots, green leafy vegetables contain Vitamin A, which can increase resistance to infections while promoting skin health.

Amla, Oranges, Sweet Lime, Lime juice, Spinach, and Guava contain Vitamin C which can help in synthesizing collagen. Collagen is the protein that holds the skin cells together, thus promoting the generation of clear skin and a fresh complexion.

Foods To Avoid For Glowing Skin in Winter?

To start with, it would be beneficial to understand which items should be either reduced or removed in terms of consumption.

Tea & Coffee :

It is advisable to avoid consuming an excessive amount of tea or coffee as it can lead to dehydration of the skin while interfering with the absorption of nutrients. This adds to the dead, dull, and dry look.

Processed & Refined Foods: 

processed, refined or ready-to-eat foods should be removed from one’s diet for glowing skin as they contain preservatives and chemicals that can harm your skin.


Alcohol intake should be kept to a minimum as it leaches away essential oils from the body, while also providing unnecessary calories.

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